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Discipline Plan/Policy



Weed Elementary School’s school-wide discipline policy supports each teacher's classroom plan and provides a safe and orderly environment within which students can study, learn and grow. We expect proper conduct from ALL students. If your child has any problems whatsoever, you or your child should contact a school staff member so that we may help. We appreciate the cooperation and support of parents during the often-difficult process of student discipline. A positive and effective home/school partnership helps bring about the best possible outcome for everyone involved. Every student deserves a quality educational experience, to feel safe at school and no student has the right to prevent a teacher from teaching or students from learning.

Weed Elementary School wants to insure:

·      That the campus be a safe and pleasant environment for all its inhabitants

·      That the classrooms (and other places of instruction) be regarded as the most important spaces in the school and the least likely to be interrupted or disturbed.

·      That a high regard for learning be exhibited by all faculty and staff as a model for students and community members.

·      That school wide rules exhibit the following qualities:

o      They are clearly expressed.

o      They are enforceable.

o      They are fairly and consistently enforced.

·      That good behavior is rewarded

·      That inappropriate behavior entail an appropriate consequence

·      That all members of the school community assume responsibility for the school wide discipline policy and plan

·      That every classroom has school-wide rules, positives and consequences posted

School-Wide Rules

1.  Follow directions

2.  Use appropriate language, no teasing, bullying or putdowns

3.   Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

4.  Follow dress and electronics code

Classroom Discipline

Teachers will follow the school-wide discipline plan.  Teachers will hold students accountable for following school-wide rules.  Teachers will follow the level system, track behavior and reward positive behavior.


The Board of Trustees and staff of the Weed Union Elementary School District believe that all students are accountable for their behavior and conduct while attending school and school-sponsored activities.  Repeated offenses may result in a maximum consequence of expulsion.

Violation of the rules and regulations set forth may cause one or more of the following consequences:

·      Warning

·      Detentions

·      Campus Beautification

·      Meet with Behavior Supervisor

·      Phone calls home

·      Refer to the principal

·      Parent conferences

·      Referral

·      School service

·      Suspension from class

·      Suspension from school

·      Ineligibility to participate in extracurricular activities

·      Referral to community agencies

·      Referral to alternative program

·      Expulsion

·      Other actions enumerated Weed Union Elementary discipline policy and plan

School Suspensions: In-school or at home suspensions may be issued to students who have reached a severe level of discipline by breaking either a school-wide rule or the Education Code. Parents will be contacted by telephone or if parent is unable to be reached by phone a school suspension form will be sent home for parents to sign and return to the school. If your child is suspended you will be required to attend school with your child upon first date of return.