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Staff Appreciation Video

WES students, parents and board appreciate all Weed Elementary School Staff.

Appreciation Video

Superintendent/ Principal Mrs. Cummings

My Family
My Family

Welcome Weed Elementary School.  My name is Alisa Cummings and I am the Superintendent/Principal of this amazing school.   I was born and raised in Weed, attending Weed Elementary School and Weed High School. I have been in education for 20 years, eleven of those years as a middle school classroom teacher at Weed Elementary School. This is my seventh year of administration. I have a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies, a Masters of Science in Educational Administration, California Teachers English Learner (CTEL) certified, and a Tier II Administrative Credential.  My community involvement includes coaching, basketball counselor for programs at Weed Elementary School, supporter of Weed athletic programs, and involvement in community events.  My passion though is spending time with my family.  I have  three sons; Robert, Jake and Aaron all who graduated from both Weed Elementary and Weed High School. My husband, Jim Cummings, is self-employed. 

My education philosophy is simple:  As educators, our first priority is the students we serve.  We must have enough passion and love for our students to be able to provide them with the best education possible.  This can only be accomplished through a collaborative approach between the educational staff, parents, and students, working as a team to provide a safe environment, support rigorous standards, and maintain open lines of communications and expectations.

The goal of education is to: 

  • Provide an educational environment where students are prepared with College and Career skills that lead to rigorous academics and an understanding of techniques necessary for them to become productive members of society and life-long learners.
  • Ensure a rich Common Core Curriculum to develop academically, emotionally, physically, and socially at their personal developmental level.  The educational environment should foster civic virtue; which includes self-worth, self-discipline, self-respect, respect for others, honesty, integrity, and the value and acceptance of cultural differences.
  • Provide students with competent, knowledgeable, and highly qualified teachers who demonstrate a passion and love for their students.  The curriculum that is being taught in their classrooms must be challenging, rigorous, and made relevant to students by providing comprehensive learning experiences in a safe, caring,  and nurturing environment.
  • Involve the parents in their child’s education.  The education of each child should be a reciprocal agreement between the parents and the school; that the guidance and instruction provided be made powerful by the partnership formed between home and school.
State Superintendent Torlakson-Visits WES
State Superintendent

If you have a concern about Weed Elementary School, I encourage you to call the school to make an appointment to speak with me. If your concern regards a classroom situation I will ask that you speak with your child's teacher prior to making an appointment time with me.  If you have a concern about an employee you can complete the district complaint form and mail or return the form to the office.  Let us work together to make WES the best! 

Contact Information

Phone:  530-938-2715