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Who are we

Weed Elementary School

Weed Elementary School is a K through 8 rural school located at the base of majestic Mount Shasta in far northern California.  The school site is centrally located in the town of Weed.  With a population of 3,000, Weed is a small town located in an alpine setting.  As the central city in Siskiyou County, it is just 50 miles south of the Oregon border.


The History of Weed Elementary School

In 1906, Summit School was the first school to be built in Weed. It was a one-room school in what is now called Angel Valley.  In 1908, a new one-room school was built on School House Hill on land donated by the Weed Lumber Company.  By 1910, the school had grown so much that they had to build another four-room building made of concrete blocks.  There was a bell on top of this new building that could be heard from a mile away.  

Student enrollment kept increasing, so in 1915 a third building was constructed.  It was two stories high, and had four classrooms, a small library, and girls' and boys' bathrooms.  This was the first building to have indoor plumbing.  The rooms upstairs had two doors that could be raised into the ceiling to make one large room for plays performed by the children.

A fourth building was built in 1920.  It contained four classrooms, two offices for administration, bathrooms, and a central steam heating instead of wood stoves.  This is also about the time that the school changed its name from Summit School to Weed Elementary School.  As the population of Weed continued to increase with the growth of the mill, the school population also continued to increase.  In 1925, the final school building was constructed-it contained seven classrooms and a new auditorium.  School wasn't able to start that year until October, when construction was finished.  All four building connected under a single roof.

Most of the original buildings were torn down in the 1950's and 1960's.  The current school buildings were constructed in 1965 and after 36 years of continuous service, they were remodeled in 2001.