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Weed Elementary School

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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday! September 17th– 23rd

    17th-Newelle Mcgee in Mrs. Wilson’s Class
    19th-Cecilia Aguilar in Ms. Hall’s Class and Mr. Miller, our 3rd Grade Teacher
    20th- Yohannes Mcgee in Mrs. Cervantes’ Class
    21st- Samantha Weidner in Mr. Miller’s Class
    22nd- Jada Gibson in Mrs. Fussell’s Class and Ember Hollgarth in Mrs. Oates’ Class
    23rd James Cosco in Ms. Jaegel’s Class

    We hope your day is as wonderful as you are! Come on by the office for a Birthday pencil and ribbon!

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    Student Support Services

    This year we have some new staff & services that we’d like to introduce you to. Here’s a word from Arden:  Hi! My name is Arden Carr and I’m a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist. This is my first year joining an awesome support team at the school. You may know the other support team members: Vickie Eddy, Pam Church, Eriksson Brioso and Officer Tim Green! We are here to provide support to, not only your students but to you as parents and of course the teachers and staff. Our goal this year is to come alongside of your students and come along side of you, as parents, and PROVIDE SUPPORT. Have a question about something you are working on with your Student - call us! You see your student is struggling – call us! We want to be a part of your parenting team!

    Attention Middle School students: If you are interested in being on the yearbook staff, please pick up an application from the office. If you would like to participate in the yearbook, you must fill out an application. You may turn them in to the office.

    Student Council

    SAVE THE DATE!! We’re planning a Neon Dance for 6th – 8th grades on Friday, October 5th from 6-9pm in the WES Gym

    Cub Character Events

    Our first Cub Character Event is October 8th with “Animal Tales” an interactive presentation with live animals bringing our favorite childhood stories to life!! Don’t miss it!! Students: we encourage you to vocalize your goal to your teachers and friends that you want to go to this event – ask for help in making this goal a reality!

    Cub Character Referrals

    Nitaya Jones- When Nitaya came in the office, she got right to work helping a friend who was sick! Such Kindness, thanks, Nitaya! ~ Darcy

    Anderson Mejia-  Anderson hizo un trabajo increíble al organizando la sala de libros y ayudando

    con la entrega gratuita de libros que turo lugar en la noche de Regreso ala Escuela. Muchas Gracias!! Mrs. S. Anderson is a great, hard worker! He helped organize the free book give away on Back to School night. Thank you!! ~ Mrs. S.

    Cecilia Aguilar -She is a great, hard worker! She helped me organize the free book give away on Back to School night. Thank you!! ~ Mrs. S.

    Arely Yerena- Arely is always eager to help me out. She did an amazing job organizing the book room and helping with the free book give away that took place on Back to School night.~ Mrs. S.

    Denton Hancock- Picking up litter on the playground without being asked. ~Mrs. Christine Lynch

    Donavan Kauhaahaa-Picking up litter on the playground without being asked. ~Mrs. Christine Lynch

    Elias Gonzales-Chavez- Picking up litter on the playground without being asked. ~Mrs. Christine Lynch

    Oliver Coombs- Picking up litter on the playground without being asked. ~Mrs. Christine Lynch

    Ashton Wroten- After the BBQ, Ashton walked around the school helping me pick up trash, instead of running around. ~ Mrs. Cummings

    Nicholas Howard-After the BBQ, Nick walked around the school helping me pick up trash, instead of running around. ~ Mrs. Cummings

    Jamarcus Horton-Jamarcus was setting a good example for younger students. ~ Mrs. Church

    David Ramirez David turned in a found phone. Honesty! ~ Mrs. Church

    Amadeus Williams-Amadeus was being responsible about keeping our campus clean. He carried a piece of trash around while we walked to class to make sure it made it to the garbage. Awesome Cub Character! ~ Mrs. Dewhurst

    Brody Enos- Brody was very responsible and was a big help when getting ready for lunch. Great Job Brody! ~ Mrs. Dewhurst

    ThailinaThienpheth, Elliott Swan & Jaylee Jauregui-These girls showed great Cub Character by

    helping clean up other group areas after learning labs without being asked. Thank you all!! ~ Mrs. Dewhurst

    Uriah Hancock- Uriah shows kindness every day at snack time by helping other students open their snacks. ~ Mrs. Oates

    Posted 9/16/18

    Great Things Happening

    *Common Core
    *GAFE school
    *Free breakfast and lunch for ALL Students
    *Social/Emotional Counselor
    *School Resource Officer
    *SAFE~Free after school care until 6:00 PM-snack and supper served
    *1:1 Technology devices for every student
    *Transitional Kindergarten program
    *Extended Transitional Kindergarten 
    *Small Class Sizes
    *Instructional aides in all K-3 classrooms
    *PBIS School
    *French Creek Outdoor School
    *Six Sports Programs
    *Ski/Snowboarding Program
    *College Exploration/Tours
    *College Options
    *GEAR UP
    *Career Fair
    *Job Shadowing
    *Student/Community Involvement
    *Art Exhibitions
    *History Day
    *Multicultural Months
    *Science Fair
    *Accelerated Reading
    *Quality Intervention Programs
    *Class Field Trips
    *Quarterly Family Awards nights
    *Parent Workshops
    *GATE in the classroom
    *Cooking classes
    *Quarterly Cub Character Events
    *After School Enrichment classes
    *School-wide assemblies
    *Community Projects
    *Professional Development for all staff
               Math- K-5 Everyday Math and 6-8- CA Math
               ELA- K-2 SFA   3-5 Benchmark    6-8 Amplify
    ~Please feel free to call and set up an appointment for a campus tour or to talk to the Principal about WES~



    Cub Character Focus

    Gratitude~Gratitude is being able to say “thank you” out loud when someone is kind to you.


    Sept 17 Vball Game @ WES 4pm
    Sept 19 Vball Game @ Grenada 4pm
    Sept 20 ALICE Barricade Drill @ 1:00
    Sept 25 Vball @ Sisson 4pm

    Sept 26 Vball @ WES vs. Scott Valley--School Site Council Mtg 5:30-Library Cub Power Mtg (Follows SSC Mtg)
    Sept 28 Earthquake Drill & Off Campus--Evac Drill to Post Office


    Goal 1:  Weed Elementary School will promote and provide a positive, healthy, safe and inviting learning environment that encourages student, staff, parent and community involvement.
    Goal 2:  Weed Elementary School will provide a broad course of study to reflect individual students’ academic and social achievement, enhancing understanding among all students by providing a diverse educational experience including relevant enrichment activities.
    Goal 3:  Weed Elementary School will provide challenging and appropriate educational programs with quality materials to support teacher delivery of engaging, Common Core aligned instructional lessons.


    4th Annual Boles Fire BBQ

    Last Thursday, we celebrated the town of Weed as well as ours and the High School’s resiliency and perseverance through the Boles Fire. We recognize that that event shaped our students, families and community and we came out stronger - we celebrated with the High School students by having a special BBQ Lunch on our playground and unifying our schools!